Our philosophy

At DUF, we believe good health is created through the relationship of four action mechanisms. Move. Fuel. Recover. Be. Like gears in a watch, if one gear is not functioning properly the whole system collapses. This is why our coaches educate around all aspects of health, and build habits for long-term success.

Not only do we bring premier health club services to your doorstep, we have also partnered with the best around to provide top-of-line wellness services including exclusive discounts. Our like-minded wellness partners offer amazing concierge services, creating a wholistic DUF experience.

To get started, register absolutely FREE. Your welcome email will include your list of exclusive discounts, and a link to our DUF Starter Guide full of tips on goal setting, moving well, fueling your body, and much more. So what are you waiting for?

Residential Partner locations

Become a Partner

With the residential market becoming more competitive, and fitness trends on the rise, tenants are seeking a more convenient way to stay active and healthy. Take your amenities to the next level and let Dare U Fitness transform your gym into a residential health club by:

  • delivering premier health and fitness services
  • promoting a more active and engaged community
  • customizing programs and activities based on wants and needs

Interested in learning more about our comprehensive service offerings? We look forward to hearing from you.

The Team