Timothy K. CPT - Founder/Coach

With over a decade of experience in pursuing a life of health and wellness, Tim has personally trained hundreds of individuals and invested thousands of hours. His vast knowledge allows him to bridge the gap between professional athletes and people who just want to look better and live healthier, happier lives.

Tim's style of training stems from his background in dance and his belief that training should be functional; training movements, not muscles. He is a master instructor of Animal Flow and holds certifications such as National Academy of Sports and Medicine CPT, Precision Nutrition Lv.1, Kettlebell Athletics Lv.1, Pre/Post Natal, not to mention his continuous education through attending live workshops and his extensive personal research.

He founded Dare U Fitness (DUF) in 2014 with the intent of reaching more lives, educating others on the necessity of a wholistic approach and understanding the connection between the four mechanisms of health: Move. Fuel. Recover. Be.

He has touched many lives, helping men and women of all ages and backgrounds break through boundaries to become stronger, leaner, more athletic versions of themselves. His attention to detail and upbeat personality keeps clients motivated, helping them change their lives and bodies for the better.

"Learn, practice, challenge, repeat." -Tim Khanoyan

Erin B. CPT - Coach/Instructor

Erin grew up active, like most kids she played several sports and therefore was moving all year long. Not until college did she have to actively start finding time to work fitness into her life. And not until she entered the “real world” did she begin to take her personal fitness seriously.

Being a positive outlet from her standard 9-5 job, she decided to pursue a personal training degree with the National Academy of Sports and Medicine. Erin quickly realized she was inspired and energized by others and pursued group fitness training to go above and beyond just one-on-one coaching.

Erin is currently the global social media manager at Withings, a connected health tech company, she teaches classes to her coworkers as well as instructs classes around Boston with Dare U Fitness. She believes fitness and pursuing a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t rock your world. It’s about a series of little changes that will add up to some pretty dramatic healthy results.


For Jagmeet, fitness is a means of understanding life. Coming from a background in restaurant management he was surrounded by what he saw as overstressed, unhealthy people stuck in a counterproductive lifestyle. To keep himself sane in a toxic work environment he dedicated all his free time to exploring movement and fitness.

The progress that he achieved over the course of the ensuing three years not only caused a change in his body and athleticism but also had a significant affect on his ability to think, stay relaxed, and process information. It became clear that optimizing the mind was only possible if the vessel was working at it's best as well. 

This revelation was a paradigm shift for Jagmeet. He now strives towards bringing his fitness to a peak and gaining a deep understanding of the human body down to the chemical and molecular level so that he can teach others what he has seen himself.


Kelley attributes her discovery of yoga to her mother who took her to classes as a teenager. Through her own personal experiences, she believes that yoga can be a powerful tool of self-discovery and transformation at any stage of life. 

As a graduate of the 200 hour yoga teacher training at Charlestown yoga, Kelley believes it is important to remain a student of the craft and continues attending workshops in her free time. With a background in gymnastics, Kelley finds herself drawn to acro and partner yoga as well. She embraces her practice with lighthearted attitude and candidly calls yoga “play time for adults”. 

She has a passion for teaching all ages and finds fulfillment in helping people live healthy, whole lives. Kelley believes that wellness is a lifestyle that we all can benefit from.