Get Long and Lean Muscles!

Have you ever desired long and lean muscles? Well now you can acquire these aesthetically pleasing muscles in 4 short weeks with our new class!

Does this sound familiar? Well it should, because these types of buzz words are used in fitness advertisements all of the time. These words always catch your attention because who doesn't want a toned midsection, lean legs and arms or firm glutes?

The truth is, these words are only used because they're what most people want to achieve alongside weight loss. Muscles do not actually grow longer or become more lean based off of a specific type of exercise. Genetics are the main factor when it comes to the length and shape of your muscles. If you are a shorter individual you will never have the same length muscles as someone taller than you. No matter how much you workout you will never alter the length of your limbs or the muscles attached to them.

But there is hope! The secret to obtaining aesthetically pleasing muscles is to lose fat and build muscle. That is why it is so important that you incorporate resistance training into your weekly routine. When you add resistance to a movement, you force the muscles to work harder, which in turn breaks down your muscle fibers. When the muscle fibers heal from the workout, they grow in size and durability. Bigger and stronger muscles with less fat surrounding them will be leaner and more defined. Which I'm certain is most people's goal.

If your afraid of getting "bulky" because you see other girls or guys who lift and they look bulky, don't be concerned. Those people want to look that way and work their asses off to do so. It does not happen over night. Muscle takes alot of time and effort to build.

As a side note, the only way you will get bigger in size is if you gain mass. You will not put on weight by lifting, you put on weight by having a positive energy balance. This means you would have to burn less calories or eat more food. As long as your resistance training is intense you will burn plenty of calories, and as long as you don't start eating more then usual, then you will not get BIG!

Written by: Jonathan Khanoyan