"He Shoots... He Scores!"

There is no greater feeling then reaching your goals, but... to reach them you first got to have them. If you are just going to the gym and aimlessly choosing what to do, you are not going to see the improvements you are there to achieve. In fitness there is something called the "SAID" theory which stands for "Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands". This means that you have to follow an individualized program designed to meet your said goals. It's as simple as that! If you want to lift heavier weights then you have to lift as heavy as possible, if you want to run faster than you must run as fast as you can, and If you want to be more flexible than you have to stretch!

Setting goals helps you keep your eye on the prize and motivates you to work harder each day. This is why it is also important to always create NEW goals and continue to challenge yourself.

Lets Be Real

When creating goals we have to be realistic. If we are saying things like "I want to lose 30lbs in a month" this is simply not feasible, it might require a reality check! Although, your body is a machine and it will overcome any and every obstacle you put in front of it as long as you give it one thing...... TIME!

So start small, take baby steps. When goals are unrealistic and unreachable it can become very discouraging on a day to day basis. If you want to lift heavier weight you should try to lift 2.5-5lbs more each week. If you want to lose weight then you should try to acheive losing 1-2lbs a week by making positive changes to your diet and follow a consistent exercise program. These are normal and healthy adaptations that take time when done right. "NO ROIDS, NO CRASH DIETS"! These are not healthy nor will they bring long term success, and remember being healthy is a lifestyle, not a quick fix.

Success Stories

In my experience I have seen a lot of positive changes in clients, whether their goal was to become stronger, leaner, or just move better and it is has been amazing to watch all of their success. I have had a client's body-fat percentage drop from 16%-8% in just 4 months! I have seen a client who could not reach over their head without being in pain, stretch and strengthen the appropriate muscles and now can press weight overhead without a problem in just 2 months! I have watched my client go from deadlifting 95lbs to 225lbs in just 5 months!!

I have been lucky enough to witness all of these incredible achievements first-hand, and I noticed that all of them had one thing in common. They all took TIME and DEDICATION! None of these achievements happened over night! We created realistic goals that took weeks to accomplish; then would create new goals that would continue to challenge them in new ways so that we were always making progress.

The Ball Is In Your Court!

So now it's your turn.. I want you to create 1 goal for yourself that you think you will be able to acheive in the next month. Whether it be lose a few pounds, lift more in a specific exercise, or gain flexibility in a certain area, lets make it happen! In your next session lets discuss what the path to success looks like.

Let the Games Begin!!

Written by: Timothy Khanoyan