Super Shake

The most important meals of the day is your pre and post-workout meals. This is because to get the most out of each workout you must supply the energy for the demand on the body and restore what all of what has been diminished during your workout. Your body enters what is called "protein synthesis" after your workout because you have caused a need for adaptation while exercising. You have a 60minute window of opportunity after you have finished your workout to refuel and get the most results.

The Shake

Instead of having just whey protein as a pre or post-workout meal, try some superfood additives like raw cocoa nibs and chia seeds. Cocoa nibs are high in anti-oxidants, fighting off free radicals, while the chia seeds are loaded in Omega-3's and fiber.

Here is a recipe that is nutritious and delicious.

3 fingers (in a cup) Ice and water

1scoop chocolate whey protein

1tbspn cocoa nibs

1tbspn chia seeds

1 banana

1 tbspn "Just Great Stuff" powdered peanut butter

Written by: Timothy Khanoyan