The Secret to Six-Pack Abs!

"The Secret is Simple"

It is HARDWORK! Everyone is always looking for the easy way out, the shortcut, and that's why liposuction is in existence! I will remind you again and again, it is all about long-term success and creating a lifestyle that sustains a healthy mind and body. We see models on magazine covers, all over the television and ads on billboard's; the beautiful people that we envy for there abs and their lean bodies. We don't seem to stop and think about what they have to do to sustain these types of bodies. I will admit some people have genetics that make it easier to stay so lean or have more muscle mass, but a lot of it is very hard work! Also you have to remember that this is their career, their livelihood, all day everyday is about looking good.

Say No to Crunches!

If you want a six-pack then you are going to have to build muscle and lose fat, it is as simple as that!

You have no voice in the matter of where your body stores fat. How many times do you see magazine covers filled with things like "Shredded in 6 Weeks" or "Top 5 Foods that Burn Belly Fat"? The answer is all the time! Every month companies have a brand new secret to getting the body of your dreams. They often times fill your head with the idea that doing Ab exercises are going to give you a six-pack. Let me tell you this is false! If you want your abs to be visible then you need to have a very low body-fat percentage and crunches and sit-ups are not going to do much for burning fat.

You need to work hard during each workout and you need to have a balanced diet.. doesn't that sound so easy? The problem is people don't know what to do during their workouts and they don't know what to eat! Learn more about exercise nutrition strategie in our other blogs.

Written by: Timothy Khanoyan