Who Said Healthy Had To Be Boring?

"Eating Healthy"

What does "Eating Healthy" mean to you? To me, eating healthy doesn't mean going on a diet! It means eating with moderation in mind.

I Enjoy the flavor of Chocolate, Ice Cream and Potato Chips, but that doesn't mean I have them every day. It also doesn't mean that I cut them completely out of my life; I am a strong believer in balance. We should all be able to make smart food choices 5 out of 6 times a day and if you are honest about your smart choices, and you are exercising like you should be, then there is no reason you cannot treat yourself once in a while. Again this doesn't mean eat an entire cake in one sitting! It means maybe have a slice of cake. Also the more you cut back on these foods the less you will crave them as well.

Just as much as I enjoy the flavor of these tasty treats, I also enjoy the flavor of Vegetables, Meats, Fish, Fruits, Nuts, etc. I just love food! and whole natural food is good for you! So many people relate "Eating Healthy" to something boring, or eating much less! This is all wrong! We should be eating more, balanced and DELICIOUS meals. The average person still eats based off the old America Food Pyramid (Which is very flawed and I will go much deeper into at another time). They eat 3 large meals a day, spiking their insulin levels just to have them crash within a few hours putting their bodies in starvation mode. Your body is designed to do what it takes to survive! Therefore the body then wants to store fat not knowing when it will eat next. The same thing happens the next time they eat the next large meal.

We should be eating smaller balanced meals and more of them! 5 or 6 to be exact... This means we should eat every 2 to 3 hours. Doesn't that sound nice! Also we should eat more natural unprocessed foods, not just salads! We need all Macronutrients to function properly; that means Carbohydrates, Proteins, and FAT!

One Meal I really enjoy making is my famous Frittata! It is basically a Keish without the crust. So I wanted to share a recipe for a Frittata to get you thinking of how to create a healthy, balanced, and yet still very delicous meal. It is extremely easy to make and does not take long to prepare.

For this frittata you will need to use a handful of different vegetables and about 8 eggs. This should make about 6 servings. Keep in mind it is good to have variety in your diet so your vegetable selection should be colorful. 

Some options are as follows:

  • One crown of broccoli

  • A big handful cherry tomatoes

  • A small onion

  • One small sweet potato

  • A handful of baby spinach

How to Put it Together

Preheat a large pan on Medium-High with a tbsp of Coconut oil (Coconut Oil keeps its healthy properties after being heated, unlike Olive Oil, keep the Olive Oil for salads).

Then add diced onion and peel the sweet potato into the pan since they will take the longest to cook.

From there toss in the chopped broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, and spices (per your preference. I enjoy basil, thyme, and crushed pepper in my frittata).

Cover the vegetables so the baby spinach cooks faster and occasionally stir.

Once the vegetables turn a bright color and the onions are clear, through in 8 scrambled eggs, stir and then cover.

Reduce the heat between low-medium and check on it every few minutes, cut into it with a knife and check to see if it is cooked all the way through. It should cut like a pie when it is finished.

Cut it into portions and put it in tupperware for the week.


Written by: Timothy Khanoyan