Beat the Heat

Summer, Summer, Summer Time...

It is summer time and we are all trying to get outside more. Maybe you are hiking, spending the day at the beach, or joining a outdoor bootcamp. Whatever you are doing, it is important that we stay hydrated during all of these activities so that our heart doesn’t have to work as hard while pumping blood to our muscles. Not to mention the dangers of heat stroke. But how much water should you be drinking?

Staying Hydrated

Everyone knows the rule of thumb, drink eight 8oz glasses of water, but food consumption can make up for 20-30% of your water intake and everyone sweats differently. The easiest way to know if you are getting enough water is to look at your urine, it should be clear. If it is yellow, you are dehydrated and you need to drink some water. Keep in mind, if you are dehydrated before exercise you will be playing catch-up the whole time, chugging down water, which is obviously not safe, nor is it going to work. It might also be a good idea to weigh yourself before and after activities to see how much water weight you have lost, 1lbs lost is equal to 1pint of water needed. This is also why you should be drinking water during activity and taking proper rest times to refuel.

So most importantly, you should try and stay hydrated throughout each day and make an effort to drink the proper amount of water and eat more hydrating foods like: peppers, cucumber, radishes, and celery. If you have a hard time making water exciting, try and spice things up by drinking infused water by throwing in some strawberries, blueberries, lemon, or cucumber slices. You could also supplement with coconut water or an herbal tea.


Lastly, sweating can lead to loss of electrolytes (sodium, choride, potassium, calcium, and magnesium), which are essential to rehydrating. After a rigorous workout it is a good idea to have a snack that contains some of these electrolytes naturally, such as bananas, spinach, celery, and potatoes. Some snack/meal ideas could be:

Here is a piece of advice. Don’t just consider your health during your workouts, live an overall healthy lifestyle. Eat whole foods, drink plenty of water, play often and get plenty of sleep! That is the secret to a better body.

Written by: Timothy Khanoyan