Frequently Asked Questions

Is Charlestown Bootcamp right for me?

Our Charlestown Bootcamp is designed for all levels of fitness, from beginners to advanced. Our focus is to increase performance in strength endurance, fat loss and cardiovascular health. Our energetic and skilled coaches will guide you through progressions and regressions for each exercise to guarantee you are getting your best workout possible without compromisng form.

If you are the type of person who is just interested in running and/or building vasts amounts of muscle mass, then you may not find our program beneficial to acheive your specific goals. On the other hand, if you want to lose fat, build muscle tone, and work with experienced coaches who will guide you every step of the way, then you have come to the right place.

How early should I arrive to class?

Please arrive 5 minutes early each day. During the winter, the doors to the gym will open right at 6:15am and we will be getting started immediately. When we are outside for the summer, we do get started right on time so please do not be late. This way, we can fully leverage the 45 minutes we have together. Moreover, we want to make sure you can warm-up properly to prepare your body for the workout and remain safe.

What should I bring to class?

At Charlestown Bootcamp, we provide you with all kinds of fun and effective workout gear each day. However, please bring a yoga mat with you if you prefer one while performing exercises that require you to lay down, kneel or sit on the grass or hard wood floor. Also, make sure to bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated throughout the workout as well as a towel to wipe down your sweat shadows and forehead.

What results can I expect in 4 weeks?

Don't be fooled by anyone that will promise you six-pack abs overnight or vast amounts of weight loss in 30-days. Spare yourself the frustrations of these unsustainable/extreme programs that result in a yoyo-effect. Odds are you will bounce right back to where you started if not worse as soon as you end the program.

We are focused on changing your overall body composition, meaning we want to lower your body fat percentage and build muscle tone. It is considered healthy to lose 1-2% of body fat a month. Though, results will vary for each participant depending on how hard you work during our sessions and how well you fuel your body. 

So, let's be realistic. Don't expect 3 hours a week in your first 4-week program to change your body dramatically and drop 3 pant sizes. It takes time for your body to adapt to stresses, it can take 4-6 weeks to make a true change in the body. With that being said, your first month you may see a drop in one pant size but with each following month those results will have a snowball effect. You will have a higher aerobic capacity and more muscle tone, both of which will speed up your metabolism burning more calories and fat in and out of your workouts. In addition, working out on a regular basis will increase your energy, confidence, range of motion and contribute to your overall health.

Don't just look for a quick fix. It is important to have long and short-term goals helping you acheive a sustainable healthier lifestyle. Best results in fat loss and strength gains are achieved when participants maintain a balanced whole food diet and commit to more than just one month of Charlestown Bootcamp. To support you in your journey, we offer 2 and 3 month packages at a reduced price, so you can workout with us more than just a month to help you achieve the results that you are looking for. 

Also, make sure to be active beyond the bootcamp and fuel your body with whole nutritious foods -see below question on "What to eat before and after your workout?". Remember, abs are made in the kitchen, so watch what you put on your plate and don't ruin your amazing workout by eating a muffin that has nothing but empty calories in store for you. 

"If you kinda sorta try, you kinda sorta get results"

What should I eat before and after class?

The most important meals of the day are your pre and post-workout meals. Since our class involves intense bouts of resistance training, you will need glycogen stored in your muscles to help you perform better during class. Glycogen is the energy used to perform short intense workouts and is best obtained through eating carbohydrates. Since our workout is so early in the morning, and many of you probably skip breakfast, we recommend you eat well the night before and include some complex carbs in your dinner (ie. sweet potatoe, legumes, quinoa) as well as a serving of protein (3oz for women and 6oz for men) to help your performance and recovery.

After your workout, make sure to eat a meal that includes another serving of protein and complex carbs, to ensure that you are able to restore the glycogen used as well as speed up the recovery process.

Important: avoid fat in both the pre and post-workout meal, so that your body can better make use of the protein and nutrients digested. In the rest of your meals throughout the day, include healthy fats but avoid carbs/sugar to prevent spiking your insulin which will lead to unwanted fat storage. 

Eating the right foods can make a huge impact in your results. Remember one thing, if you can't pick it, kill it or grow it, then it is not real food. Stick to a hunter-gatherer diet and you can't go wrong.

Learn more about your essential kitchen staples that will help you get results faster here

How will I know if class has been rescheduled?

If we need to reschedule due to a national holiday or bad weather, we will notify all participants verbally and via email.

Is there parking available?

Yes, there is street parking around the monument during the summer and a parking lot at the Harvards Kent school during the winter.

Can I try out a class to see if it is right for me?

If you are new to our Charlestown Bootcamp and would like to give it a try before committing, please reach out to us to schedule your free one time drop-in. Note that enrollment for Charlestown Bootcamp is available on our mobile app, here on our site, and starts at the beginning of each month. For any other questions, contact us.