Get More Bang For Your Buck

Our Small Group Training (SGT) program is designed to help you reach your goals and work with a personal trainer for a more affordable price. With a limited group size of 3-4 people, you will certainly get more attention from your coach then in a crowded class. You can expect to:

  • build lean muscle
  • boost your metabolism
  • lose body-fat
  • increase stamina and flexibility
  • learn exercise techniques
  • understand proper nutrition
  • and more

Get more bang for your buck and feel the power of a group. Be sure to choose the time that best works for you! If you do not see any programs listed for your partner location and would like to join a group, please contact us.

8 weeks - 2 days/wk


  • A min. of 3 people must join a SGT program to be held
  • Purchases are non-transferable and non-refundable
  • There are no make-up days for missed sessions
  • All levels are welcome
After 3 months, I gained muscle, lost fat and even am able to play soccer again with better stamina and agility. I would definitely recommend Jagmeet for our community [at the Batch Yard]. Not to mention, the cost of small group training is only about 1/3 of one-on-one training sessions. So, why not?

Though it is ‘small group training’, It is still a very personalized session. Jagmeet designs the session that fits your needs best; I personally have had some issues with my left knee due to soccer injures. Jagmeet identified my weak points and modified my sessions to not only cover all the routine exercises but also aimed to strengthen my weak knee. Additionally, he patiently instructed me for specific stretch routines. Several times, he has even kindly massaged where I had pain.
— Ian C., DUF SGT/1:1/Classes Client of <1yr